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Cast Favorit? [Oct. 20th, 2004|08:23 pm]

[mood |lovedloved]

Which Pacific Blue Star is your Favorit?
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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 2004|02:28 pm]

I am disappointed. I sat in front of my TV this morning, and tuned into Sex TV, (the only channel that airs P.B. around here,) and prepared myself for an hour filled with witty police banter, unlawful situations and extreme bike chases.

Cue disappointment -- There was witty banter, and copious amounts of sass, which isn't always provided, but I guess when an episode is revolved around Officer Monica Harper, should be expected. And of course, The Santa Monica Bike Beach Patrol was provided with a trying criminal situation, which tested all of TC abilities; ("I'm not going to let you get away with this vigilantly behavior on my watch!" "Looks like I already did"). But where were the high powered bike chases? In all fairness, the episode started off with an extreme 3 bikes on 1 motorcycle chase, but that was it. My need for the suspenseful bike pursuits that I am used to, was not quenched.

Am I the only one that thinks that every episode should have had a 2-3 bike chase minimum?
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THE PERMIERE - HOT SHIT [Jul. 27th, 2004|02:21 am]

[music |...just another day in L.A.]

good timing.

...opens with a montage of classic santa monica beach shots. uh oh, beach punks spray painting! "stop right there... oh, they're gonna run, I hate it when they run." "they can run, but we can fly!"

the chase is on. oh, back up. these kids are getting graffiti detail. busted.


scene: sunrise, waves, T.C. looking poetic and hunky. he's going surfing. what a babe. end of scene.

scene: officer kelly is dressed up as a milk carton. officer milk carton. at a school. she sees a drug deal and pursues in her carton. kelly is sick of community relations... she's didn't spend 6 years in the navy for this! "bike patrol, thats beach bunny duty!"

someone gets car-jacked.

kelly learns to ride a bike.

T.C. has sex in the shower.

mickey from THE MONKEYS guest stars (not mentioned as a cameo)... he gets car-jacked. pedal pedal pedal. vroom. pedal pedal pedal. they get away.

ERROR - technical difficulties with the new vr... sound familiar? i'll wait it out... okay still ten minutes later. giving up. it was good while it lasted.

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: Ambitious police officer Chris Kelly is introduced to the Bike Patrol after she's transferred from the P.R. Department of the Santa Monica Police Department.  T.C. Callaway, at a crossroads with his long term girlfriend, faces additional family pressure to quit the force and join the family business in Newport Beach.  The entire unit is on the trail of a vicious car-jacker working the beach area.
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Pacific Blue [Apr. 12th, 2004|02:41 pm]


this is a new Pacific Blue Communitie for all Fans.
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